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July Creative Challenge, Day 10: First Impressions


A well crafted first sentence is a work of art. It is the gateway to a good novel… a treasure to roll around on your tongue … the road map for the next 300 pages. I recently came across the American Book Review’s “100 Best First Lines From Novels” which got me thinking about some of my own favorites. This is, by no means, a complete list, feel free to contribute your own suggestions.  [To read the American Book Review’s full list go HERE.]

Point go to any one who can name the author of all the books. (Hint: There’s a Ford Maddox Ford in there that I don’t expect any one to get.) You get bonus points for each book you’ve read.

First lines 1

First lines 2

First Lines 3Oh, and incase you are keeping count… I didn’t do a hundred. I do have a little bit of a life to attend to…

July Creative Challenge Day 11: Parting Thoughts

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