Secondary Character Saturday Alan Rickman: Colonel Brandon

Really ticked that I need to reblog yet another of my favorite posts because some one wonderful has passed away. But…

I used to do Secondary Character Saturdays where I’d dedicate a month’s worth of Saturdays to the favorite characters played by my favorite actors. Alan Rickman, with his long list of movies was an easy choice, and his Col. Brandon was / is a sweet pick.

I know Colin Firth’s fabulous turn as Mr. Darcy remains most people’s gateway (film) drug to Jane Austen, but Rickman’s Col. Brandon has always been mine.

I shall miss his droll wit and excellent dramatic presence at the movies. RIP Alan Rickman


[Courtesy Fan Pop] [Click on the image for animated Alan; Image Courtesy Fan Pop]

Who: Colonel Brandon

From: Sense and Sensibility

Title page from the first edition of Jane Aust...

By: Jane Austen 

Published: 1811

Pros: Kind, considerate, thoughtful, decent, patient, gentle, faithful, honorable, sensitive, generous, caring… and , oh, yeah, RICH.

Although reserved and not passionate, he has a very good heart and helps out those in distress. His charitable behavior toward Eliza Williams and Edward Ferrars makes him the unnoticed knight in shining armor. [Book]

Cons: Unromantic (on the surface at least), dull, remote, joyless, grave.  He appears stern and dour. especially when compared to Willoughby.

English: "when Colonel Brandon appeared i... English: “when Colonel Brandon appeared it was too great a shock to be borne with calmness” – Marianne, expecting Willoughby, leaves after Colonel Brandon appears. Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. London: George Allen, 1899. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most Shining Moment: Traveling from Cleveland to Barton Cottage overnight to fetch Mrs. Dashwood…

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