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Composer @ a Glance — Vivaldi

Antonin Vivaldi

Born: 1678

Died: 1741

Nationality: Italian

Musical Era: Baroque

Composer, Violin

Major Works:
The Four Seasons

Vivaldi was orndained a priest in 1703. He wrote 46 operas and 500 concertos. He also wrote sacred music including a Magnificat.

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Composer @ a Glance — Bach

During the Covid 19 Stay-at-Home crisis I’ve been creating a lot of content for my Music students. I’ve been developing games, like Composer Battleship. Not only do the kids get to play Battleship, but they get to learn about a set of musical greats. I do a bio for each composer… which I thought I’d share on this blog.  Why not start with a biggie… Bach? Ahhh Bach.

JS Bach

Born: 1685

Died: 1750

Nationality: German

Musical Era: Baroque

Composer, Organist, Harpsichordist., Violist, Violinist

Major Works:
Brandenburg Concerto,
Well-Tempered Clavier,
Mass in B Minor,
St. Matthew Passion

Bach once travelled over 200 miles on foot to see an organ concert. Then when the concert was over walked home again.

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