Jakob Dylan 12.9.12 Thought of the Day

“Tolerance can lead to learning something.”
— Jakob Dylan

Cover of "Red Letter Days"

Jakob Luke Dylan was born on this day in New York City, New York, USA in 1969. He is 43 years old.

Dylan is the youngest son of  Bob Dylan and his wife Sara, and he is the only one of his siblings to become a musician. He has long been under the shadow of his more famous father, something he takes in stride. He is determined not to sell tickets based on his last name, but he’s also had to bear the burden of 45 years worth of fans expecting him to be the next Bob Dylan.

On one hand, he acknowledges that no one forced him into a recording studio at knifepoint. On the other hand, the result has been, at times, preposterous; he was somehow elected chairman of the Child Musicians Who Could Never Live Up to Their Fathers Assn. [The Essential Jakob Dylan; Los Angeles Times  June 08, 2008]

The younger Dylan played in bands in high school and, after taking some time off to attend the Parsons School for Design in New York, formed The Wallflowers in the late 1980s. They put out a The Wallflowers in 1992 to lukewarm response, but fared better with their sophomore release, Bringing Down the Horse.  Horse was one of 1997s best-selling albums and it featured hits like 6th Avenue Heartache, One Headlight, Three Marlenas, and The Difference.  (Breach) and Red Letter Days came out in 2000 and 2002 respectively.

Here’s 6th Avenue Heartache…

I prefer my Jakob Dylan unplugged… like in this Austin City Limits Festival version of Evil is Alive & Well from 2008.

The song is off his first solo album, Seeing Things which was released in June of 2008.

Here’s an “unplugged” studio version of One Headlight with The Wallflowers.

His second “solo” album is really a collaborative effort with 15 other artists. Here’s Everybody’s Hurting from that album.

The Wallflowers reunited earlier this year. They put out a new album, Glad All Over in October. The group picks up touring again at the end of the month. So if you are in the little town of Bethlehem (PA) you can see them on the 27th at the Sands Casino. (Austin fans; they’ll be at the Erwin Center on St. Patty’s Day). A complete list of tour dates are on the Wallflower web site HERE.

ACL - Jakob Dylan

ACL – Jakob Dylan (Photo credit: kfjmiller)


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