Thought of the Day 8.20.12 Luciano De Crescenzo

“We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

–Luciano De Crescenzo

Luciano De Crescenzo - foto di Augusto De Luca

Luciano De Crescenzo – foto di Augusto De Luca (Photo credit: AUGUSTO DE LUCA)


Confession: I spend way too much time on this guilty pleasure I like to call blogging. The “Thought of the Day”– which started as a single inspirational quote to an email list of friends —  takes waaaaaaay too much time too research and write. Sometimes, like yesterday, I’m so anxious to get-it-finished that I click the PUBLISH button before remembering to proof read it. (sorry about that,Orville! The edited version is now on up.)

I moved “Thought of the Day” over to ritaLOVEStoWRITE in mid June and I decided to make it my Summer Writing Challenge. I switched up the format a little to focus on a quote from someone who is having a birthday, added some biographical information, and (about two weeks in) discovered that WordPress offers copyright free images if you write long enough, so I put those in too (if I don’t like the images I do more research.)

It DOES get me writing. Unfortunately for the characters in the many notebooks on my desk (and for my bank account) it also takes away time from REAL work.

The trick is to [QUICKLY] find an interesting quote from an interesting person who is having a birthday on a given day. Hopefully that person will have some interesting art associated with him/her. Then I go to two or three websites and read about the person, write and edit the post, add the links, tags and categories, and put in the artwork. Grab the”quick link” code, PUBLISH, and go on Facebook and Twitter and let folks know that the new blog post is… errr… posted.

WHY am I telling you all this? Well I’ve been meaning to explain my process for awhile, and… Luciano De Crescenzo dropped this little gift of a quote into my lap.

Luciano is the prefect subject for me. Great quote (lots of great quotes actually, but this one! Bellissimo!)  There’s not a ton of information for me to slog through in the research stage (like there was for good ole Orville — yesterday’s subject.) And I know next to nothing about him, so I’m sure to learn a lot.

So, basically, if I hadn’t written this confessional I’d be done already. 🙂


Luciano De Crescenzo was born on this day  in Naples, Italy in 1928. He is 84 years old.

He has a degree in engineering and worked for IBM before shifting gears and writing about his beloved Naples. His first book was published in 1977 and was titled Cosi Parlo Bellavista (Thus Spake Bellavista.) He has written 20 more books, been translated into 19 languages. His books have sold over 20 million copies.

His natural charm and Italian good looks led him to film in 1980. De Crescenzo has added screenwriter, actor and director to his CV as he  has worked with Italian movie legends from Teo Teocoli and  Isabella Rossellini  to Roberto Benigni.


[For a full list of his his books and movies click here.]

Luciano De Crescenzo, filosofo

Luciano De Crescenzo, filosofo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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