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Thought of the Day 7.7.12

“I like Beethoven, especially the poems.”

Ringo Starr

Richard Starkey was born today in Liverpool, England  in 1940. He is 72 years old.

For those of you who may not have turned on a radio in the last 50 years… Richard  Starkey is better known by his alias Ringo Starr. Starr was the drummer for the 1960’s rock and roll band the Beatles. Ringo met the nascent band in Hamburg, Germany. He was later asked to replace Pete Best as the Beatles drummer, and, with the exit of bass player Stu Sutcliffe, the Fab Four were born.

The Beatles released  their first 45 –“Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You”– in 1962 to moderate success, followed by “Please Please Me” which launched the group to the top of the English Charts. Beatlemania was born.

Although Ringo took a back seat to the juggernaut composing team of Lennon and McCartney and sang only a fraction for the Liverpudlian mop tops he was wildly popular. His easy going manner and self deprecating humor made him a fan favorite that lasted long after the band broke up.  Ringo wrote and sang one of the groups most popular songs, “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

He also starred in film and  television. Including his role as Mr. Conductor in the beloved children’s program Thomas the Tank Engine.




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