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Day Twelve: 12 Days of Christmas PETS

Scanned DocumentAnd now we come to our final entry in 12 Days of Christmas PETS. Artist Jenny Sparks worked on this piece during her Christmas break. It features her adorable bunny, Peaches.


Jenny's bunny


Jenny Rachel Sparks is in her fifth and final year of the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program, where she studies Sculpture and Geology.


Peaches is Jenny’s lovable 8.5 year old bunny who enjoys destroying anything in her reach.








Thank you to every one who contributed to this special Christmas series. It has been fun to meet your furry companions.  Happy 2015! Cheers, Rita



Day Five: 12 Days of Christmas Pets

Scanned DocumentMy cousin Shannon Baker commissioned artist Sam Peterson to paint this picture of her dogs Pete and Josie for Christmas a few years ago.

Shannon;s pups

Sam Peterson is a visual artist who explores his relationship with other species using many different mediums. He works on commission, using either photos he takes of the subject, or photos chosen with the client. The works are small, intimate, lively, and thoughtful. His most recent commission was for the recently deceased beagle mix Tangerine, whom he drew in a field of bluebonnets (she’s Texan) that turned into butterflies arching into the sky, representing her now-free spirit.

Learn more about Sam and his art at handsofsam.wordpress.com .

Day Four: 12 Days of Christmas Pets

Scanned DocumentHello kitty… Melo Herpel


Today’s special furry friend is Melo of Accident, Maryland. Melo lives with Grace Herpel. Grace’s aunt Marianna snapped this adorable feline fa la la la la.

Day Three: 12 Days of Christmas Pets

Scanned Document

Today’s Christmas Pet is a “2 fer” and it comes to us via my friend Debby Deweese. Debby and her daughter, Hillary, are the human companions for Shelby and Champion.

Shelby and Champion

Shelby and Champion

Shelby the 10 year old poodle and Champion the 1 year old, three legged chihuahua are new friends for the holidays. Champion can be found on Instagram at champion_the_tiny_dog

12 Days of Christmas PETS is coming

This year to celebrate the Holiday Season I’ll be hosting 12 Days of Christmas PETS, a loving, fun-filled reflection of man’s best friend at Christmas time.

I just got my first submission from illustrator Jedediah Kahl and it is just terrific.

I’m looking for art work in all forms (from painting to photography to musical compositions to poetry) so get your pencils out and your creative juices flowing.

Send me a message if you want to participate.




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