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A Year of Quotes, 1.12.16

Continuing with Oscar Wilde…

Yes, the public is wonderfully tolerant.
It forgives everything except genius.

The Critic as Artist



Day Twelve: 12 Days of Christmas PETS

Scanned DocumentAnd now we come to our final entry in 12 Days of Christmas PETS. Artist Jenny Sparks worked on this piece during her Christmas break. It features her adorable bunny, Peaches.


Jenny's bunny


Jenny Rachel Sparks is in her fifth and final year of the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program, where she studies Sculpture and Geology.


Peaches is Jenny’s lovable 8.5 year old bunny who enjoys destroying anything in her reach.




Thank you to every one who contributed to this special Christmas series. It has been fun to meet your furry companions.  Happy 2015! Cheers, Rita


12 Days of Christmas PETS : Bonus — Kelly’s Kitty

Scanned DocumentHow cute is this pic? Kelly Kreamer Dowling sent in this pic of Bandit snoozing under Rudolph's watchful eyes.
Kelly's Kitty

Kelly say:

It’s important to note that at the top of the season Bandit (our 6 month old kitten) took a strong and immediate dislike to poor Rudolph. He pursued and beat him mercilessly all holiday. Now, in the dark of the night, Rudy rises for vengance!!!

Kelly is an actor, director, writer, designer, etc. A Jane of all trades, with a love of all aspects of theatre and a focus on classical works. She is the founder of the COW Theatre Company and a long time member of the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory.

You can learn more about Kelly at

Day Eleven: 12 Days of Christmas Pets

Scanned DocumentMeet Josh, a boarder collie rescue  who lives with his human Angie, and her two cats Roo and Tux in Winchester, Virginia.


Josh Xmas


Josh started life on a farm where he was fully neglected. Having developed a obsession for chasing cars, he was hit by one and sustained cracked teeth and a broken pelvis. He received no veterinary care. Josh was dropped off at a rural shelter which, due to lack of funds, wasn’t able to treat his injuries. His troubles included heart worm, which is fatal if not treated. Fortunately a border collie rescue was willing to take him out of the shelter, treat him, and find him a home.

Angie found him listed on Petfinder as a “special needs dog”. She fell in love and adopted him.

Despite being so poorly treated by humans as a puppy, Josh is a gentle, sweet dog and reaches out in a loving way by touching you with a paw. He’s now about 14 years old, he has some arthritis and his eyesight and hearing are in decline.

He loves to sit with you while you read or watch movies. He also loves sleeping in his warm, fuzzy bed and eating treats (even ones with vegetables.)

His very presence is a blessing to all in the house.



Day Nine: 12 Days of Christmas PETS

Scanned Document

Meow! Today’s pet is Amy the cat.


Nancy's cat Amy

Amy lives with Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian at Goucher College, and her husband Jay Harrell (also Ruthie, Shere, and Pawl). Goucher is the home of North America’s best collection by and about Jane Austen. Nancy recommends celebrating the New Year with a contribution to the library’s “Emma in America” campaign!

Day Eight: 12 Days of Christmas PETS

Scanned Document

Today we get a visit from royalty on 12 Days of Christmas Pets.

Asgard Warrior Prince, Marianna Herpel’s handsome schnauzer, is three years old and likes to take long walks in the woods. He is working on his Rally Novice title.

Marianna's Prince

Marianna and Prince live in Garret County, Maryland.

UPDATE: Prince  got his Rally Novice (RN) title today (1.11.15)  at the Charlottesville-Albermarle Kennel Club Dog Show in Fredericksburg, VA! Congratulations Prince and Marianna!!!

For more information on Asgard Standard Schnauzers click on the link below.

12 Days of Christmas PETS — Bonus New Years Post

Happy New Year every one!

To celebrate I’m adding a bonus blog post today. This one is a logo for the 12 Days of Christmas Pets designed by my friend Hannah Eber.

Scanned DocumentHow cute is that?

Hannah is a 3rd year in University of Cincinnati DAAP’s industrial design program. She works mostly in product design, but enjoys handlettering and graphic design as hobbies. Also loves: sketching, dancing, playing the bass, eating steamed crabs (in addition to most all foods), and slowly reading classic novels.
Visit for some of her work in progress.

Day Seven: 12 Days of Christmas Pets

Scanned Document

Artist Julia DeNuzzio did this special  picture for her mother, Sue, for Christmas. The subject is of Matilda, the family’s beloved Bichon who passed away this April. Matilda was the family’s only dog and they had her for 14 years.

“We felt very blessed for having her for as long as we did.” Said Sue. “This is the first Christmas with out her and we really miss her.” That made the painting even more special for the family. “I love the look in her eyes, and the little pink nose is right on.”


Matilda DeNuzio


Julia attends Wake Forest University where she majors in Studio Art and minors in French and Entrepreneurship.



Day Six: 12 Days of Christmas PETS

Scanned DocumentWriter and friend Lynn Reynolds sent in this set of Christmas photos of her cat Tiger.


He liked the Elf on the Shelf, although he apparently felt the shelf was the wrong place for it.


And judging from the maniacal gleam in his eyes, he especially liked the silver snowman Christmas wrapping paper.

Tiger is an old cat (nearly 19) but he still knows how to have fun.

Lynn writes contemporary romantic suspense and mysteries with a chick lit vibe. Her novels include the “chick noir” Thirty-Nine Again, a book that RT Book Review called “a first-class mystery…and first-class read.” Most recently she was featured in Bake LOVE Write edited by Lois Winston. For more on Lynn go to

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