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Hey Brother, can you spare 5 CENTS?

I’ve been thinking about the National Debt.

And I’ve been thinking about how much money is going to be spent by the candidates in both parties to get IN this Election this year.

President Obama and Governor Romney are both projected to spend at least a Billion dollars in their run for President. And billions more will be spent by those seeking office in Congress and on a state level.

We may never know how much the Super Packs spend to support the candidates and issues that they favor.

I propose that anyone running for public office (and any super pack) give 5 CENTS of every dollar they spend in advertising, polling, telemarketing, research, lawn signs… what ever… 5 cents out of ever dollar that they spend to get to the White House (or Congress or the Governor’s House) to pay down the NATIONAL DEBT.

I don’t think it should be a tax. I think it should be a good will offering.  They could declare it when the report how much they’ve received in donations… then cut a check to the IRS.

Its simple. If you’d like to represent me (and the other citizens of the United States), then I think you should put your money where your mouth is by giving a measly 5 cents per buck  you spend getting into office to help pay off the National Debt.

Do that…and you can proudly proclaim it during your next stump speech or at your next debate. Your really ARE doing something to pay down the Debt!

Do that… and you can use my nifty little logo on your advertising and stuff.

I know that even 5% of all the money spent on this election will not solve the Debt crisis, but at least it will put 5% of ALL THAT MONEY to some good use.



Feel free to repost to you favorite candidate’s site. Come on…lets get THIS party started.


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