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Secondary Character Saturday — Robbie Turner (Atonement)

WHO: Robbie Turner

FROM: Atonement

Book Cover

BY: Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan au salon du livre de Paris 2011.

Ian McEwan au salon du livre de Paris 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


PROS: Smart, passionate, romantic, kind, strong, loyal,

CONS: Bitter, hot-headed

BEST SHINING MOMENT: Doggedly making his way through the fields of France to Dunkirk, holding on to the hope that he will be reunited with his true love.

MOST INTENSE MOMENT: Confronting Briony when she comes to Robbie and Cecilia’s flat to atone for lying about him to the police.

Movie Poster

In the Joe Wright 2007 movie of the novel Robbie is played by very nicely James McAvoy. Here are some highlights from the film….

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