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July Creative Challenge, Day 8: Gardening


Tell me … how does YOUR garden grow? Mine grows rather wildly. A lot of sweat equity brings forth some lovely blooms and a few edibles but I’d have to say that guilt (over the un-weeded bits) and a sore back (when I tend to the weeded bits) generally out weigh the pretty flowers. I should be out there pulling and hoeing right now — before it gets too hot — instead I  write this blog. My words are my garden today.

I’m waiting for the Black Eyed Susans to come into full bloom. Their spidery petals have escaped their buds in the last day or two but they haven’t filled out yet. Soon, I tell myself… soon. And the Day Lilies are just about blossom too. Orange and black and yellow will soon fill my landscape.

Here’s a little acrostic poem witnessing my yin/yang relationship with my garden…


I know that the garden is always better tended on the other side of the fence… so tell me… what are you growing — flowers or frustration?

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