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Thought of the Day: STRUCTURE

[Taking my writing prompt from two people today. The first person is fellow blogger viewfromtheside who suggested the theme–STRUCTURE. The second is Maggie who suggested the subject — PENGUINS. Armed with those two prompts I thought for a bit and came up with a structured poem. Here is my loose metered sonnet that explores Darth Vader’s appreciation of a certain dark caped emperor… the Emperor Penguin.]

I wish I could be a Penguin

[Anakin’s Lament]

Oh, Penguin, you are a beautiful sight.

Sweet nature made you her the most noble bird.

Thoughts of wonder, jealousy, again have stirred

in my breast as I sit down to write

of your dark, fluid, modern-dance like flight.

Perhaps you find the notion somewhat absurd

that I, Dark Lord of Sith, am such a nerd

to write this ode of praise — but, no, I will not be deterred.

For who does not long to fly into the sky

or dive into the icy water

without this damnable metal coffin —AYE!!!

All around me is slaughter!

What would I give to look, unhelmeted — eye-to eye

with my long-lost son and his twin sister, my baby, daughter?

Too late… the storm troopers, the Death Star, the Emperor demand a fight.

Collage of Darth Vader meeting the Emperor

Collage of Darth Vader meeting the Emperor

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