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Secondary Character Saturday: Amy Farrah Fowler

[Image courtesy: dezignstuff.com]

[Image courtesy: dezignstuff.com]

WHO: Amy Farrah Fowler

FROM: The Big Bang Theory

List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 1)

BY: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady,  and Steven Molaro

DEBUT: Amy’s character debuted in The Lunar Excitation episode on 24 May 2010. She became a regular the following season.

PROS: Smart, caring, enthusiastic, loyal, kind, patient.

CONS: Socially AWKWARD, low-self esteem, clueless.

MOST SHINING MOMENT:  My favorite Amy moment was when she stood up for herself and her profession in The Vacation Solution. Sheldon, her “boyfriend” has been ordered by the university to take a vacation, he decides on a stay-cations, opting to work along side one of his colleges instead. He quickly wares out his welcome at Leonard, Raj and Howard’s labs and turns to Amy’s Biology lab. At first she is thrilled to have him working with her, thinking it will be romantic, but Sheldon’s arrogance soon has her second guessing that assumption. Here’s an exchange that takes pace after she’s given him a simple task to perform…

Sheldon: (Carrying a tray of beakers) Here you go! This is now the only lab with glassware washed by a man with two doctorates and a restrainingorder signed by Carl Sagan.

Amy:(Inspects a beaker) Soap spots! Wash ’em again.

Sheldon: You’re being ridiculous! Those are perfectly clean.

Amy:(Picks up a large beaker) Sheldon, this beaker used to contain cerebral spinal fluid from an elephant that died of syphilis. If it’s, in fact, perfectly clean,(holds it out to him) drink from it.

Sheldon:(Long pause, then picks up the tray of beakers again) Biologists are mean.

Besides Sheldon’s mother, Amy is about the only person who can really stand up to him. She takes a lot of his ridiculous behavior, and it is really nice to see her in charge.

SECOND RUNNER UP: Fun With Flags… Amy is game to do just about anything to keep her strange BF happy, including being his sidekick in his YouTube productions of Fun With Flags. Here’s the Bavarian version…

QUOTE: “It’s a TIARA!!!”

WHY I CHOSE HER: I think there’s a little be of Amy Farrah Fowler in all of us, so I’ve got a soft spot for her.

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