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Secondary Character Saturday: Augustus Waters — TFiOS


WHO: Augustus Water

FROM: The Fault  In Their Stars

[Image courtesy: Amazon.com]

[Image courtesy: Amazon.com]

BY: John Green


PROS: Funny, confident, determined to squeeze every ounce of life  out of the time left to him Augustus is the perfect foil to the depressed, lonely, self-conscious Hazel. He’s creative, supportive, kind, and amazingly generous. He’s also just a guy, and Green takes pains not to make him into a saint.

heart broken

CONS: Not much to write in this category. Maybe his over indulgence in violent video games…

MOST SHINING MOMENT: Giving up his “Wish” to make Hazel’s come true.


  • “The world is not a wish granting factory.”
  • “I’m on a roller coaster ride that only goes up.”

WHY I CHOSE GUS: I was worried when Gus made his appearance on the “page” of my Kindle. He seemed too good to be true and I wondered if this beautifully written, dark story about an intelligent, sarcastic girl with cancer (Hazel) was about to grind into a Sweet Valley High wannabee  of girl-meets-hunk-teen-romance. Fortunately, Green made Augustus Waters a lot more than just a boy with dreamy good looks. In a book about teens living with and dyeing from various types of cancer one would expect a certain amount of melodrama but again Green manages to side step that. Where he could have poured on the sugary sweetness of young love he opted for tragic realism with a lopsided smile in Gus.

Get Hurt-9

Fox 2000 is making a film adaptation of the book in which Ansel Elgort is playing the role of Gus.

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