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Secondary Character Saturday: Walt Disney (Saving Mr. Banks)

(Image Courtesy: Disney, Inc)

(Image Courtesy: Disney, Inc)

WHO: Walt Disney

FROM: Saving Mr. Banks

BY: Kelly Marcel, Sue Smith


PROS: Friendly, Motivational, Charming

CONS: Manipulative

(Image courtesy: Disney, Inc.)

(Image courtesy: Disney, Inc.)

BEST SHINING MOMENT: Revealing the story of his difficult youth when he takes P.L. Travers to Disney Land

LEAST SHINING MOMENT: Trying to sneak in the cartoons when she clearly is against it.

WHY I CHOSE HIM: Admittedly I’m giving this nod more to Tom Hanks than Mr. Disney — and that might have something to do with the fact that I just saw Captain Phillips. Hanks was wonderful in both films, but he was definitely the lead (and title) character in the latter, so I can only honor him on Secondary Character Saturday for his work as Uncle Walt in Saving Mr. Banks.


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