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Heck yes! I’m a Stats Junkie

I’m a total Stats Junkie.

I turn on my computer. I check my email. I check my Facebook page. And in one last attempt to check the validity of my existence as a human being, I check the stats on my WordPress page.

The funny thing is I’m not generally a narcissistic creature. But in this electronic, faux culture of cyber space I have become addicted to the monkey on my back that is FEEDBACK. So even while I’m writing and researching the Thought of the Day I find myself glancing up to that mini stat indicator eyelash above the Edit Post. [Yes, I just did it.]

Honestly, I’m happy when I get 30 or so hits in a day. That’s decent, right? 30 people stopping by is worth the effort I’ve put into any given post. Maybe I’ve touched some one, made them laugh, given them a nugget of new information that they can share at the water cooler. That’s cool.

A fifty day? Boy-ya! I’m feeling good about myself. Seriously. “Give that fan a contract.” (That’s an Oriole’s thing, if you’re wondering.)

Up until this week my best day was 95! It was a Shakespeare inspire day and it was pretty awesome.

My stats as of about 48 minutes ago.

Then a couple of days ago I wrote a little tribute to my cousin Pat “Scunny” McCusker (who, sadly, had just passed away) and things went  through the roof. My stats topped out at 105. That’s an awesome day. Except, well,  it wasn’t. The only thing awesome about getting those stats was that it served as a continuing reminder that Pat touched a lot of hearts. Believe me, I’d much rather have a month of single digit days than have the reason for the spike you see over Aug 29.

So what about today? Well… it’s a rainy day, and a holiday, and people are home with nothing to do. No doubt that explains that second spike. And I’ve got to give another nod to Pat because 10 of these hits were from web searches on his name. But that’s still a pretty awesome day. This is how it looked  when I checked in at 7:00 Eastern Time…

At 8:00, when the stats click over for another day, the views had ticked up to 110 hits from 13 countries for 12 blog posts and the current home page.  Not bad at all. That plus… the Orioles won today.

So thanks everybody! Keep on stopping by virtual desk to see what I’m working on.



Ain’t THAT beer cold? Remembering Scunny McCusker

First of all… he was Pat to me.

Pat McCusker and I were cousins — a trio of kids born with-in a few months of each other (my cousin Mike rounded out the triumvirate.)

But to the rest of the world he was Scunny McCusker.

Scunny died last Friday night when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in Ocean City, Maryland.

The outpouring of sympathy and love from all the people he has touched over the years has been amazing and incredibly touching.  There were thousands of visitors at  funeral parlor both Monday and Tuesday, with lines out the door and around the building. And today at the Cathedral of Mary our Queen the church was standing room only with over 2,000 loving supporters.

The funeral procession was lead by a National Bohemian Beer truck. I guess I need to tell you that Pat owned two bars/ restaurants in the Canton area of Baltimore, and he was a huge Natty Boh fan. A police escort helped the mile long procession of cars navigate the route to the cemetery by closing down sections of I-83 and the Beltway. The crowd around the grave site was the size of the infield at Oriole’s Park.

Why such the fuss? Well, Pat had a big heart. “He never met a charity he didn’t like” according to US Representative Ben Cardin, but he was especially active in the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation.  The charity:

 provides exceptional hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families. We believe in keeping families together during a child’s medical crisis, and that the gentle cadence of normal family life has a powerful influence on the healing process.

and along with fund-raising for the organization Scunny provided thousands of meals for the families in need.

I have to admit that I’ve lost touch with Pat over the years. We only saw each other at the occasional wedding and funeral. He owned a bar… I don’t really drink. We grew up and older and apart. But listening to the stories this week I wish I HAD stay in touch better.

This one’s for you, Pat / Scunny.

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be ever at your back.

May the sun shine sweet upon your face,

the rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of your hand.

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