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Joan Baez 1.9.13 Thought of the Day


“I generally like to get to the point. — Joan Baez

Joan Baez was born on this day in Staten Island, New York in 1941. She is 72 years old. She is the middle of a trio of girls born to Albert and “Big Joan”  Baez.

Joan’s father worked for UNESCO and the family moved through out the US, Europe and the Middle East through out her childhood.

Her first instrument was the ukulele, one she borrowed from her father. She started out playing rhythm and blues, but switched to folk after attending a Pete Seeger concert with her aunt when she was 13. She began singing around Boston and put together a self-produced album, Folksingers ‘Round Harvard Squarewith some friends. A year later she was invited to perform at the  Newport Folk Festival where she sang two songs.

In 1960 she released her first album. (Self Titled). She has put out an additional 33 solo albums in the interceding have century plus.

Here’s her iconic Diamonds and Rust (1975)…



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