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Summer Writing Challenge: Day 4

Beautiful tropical beach with the word summer written on the san



Good morning creative minions. Today’s Summer Writing Challenge prompt is SONG.



Amol (Photo credit: quinn.anya)  Note: I don’t look nearly THAT cool playing guitar.


To recap so far we’ve had Sand, Surf, Surprise and now Song. The alliterative quality of first four prompts is coincidence, but, perhaps, that in itself will inspire you today?

If you are like me, you don’t like to reveal until you’ve finished a piece, so keep writing (or creating) and then post when you are done. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got. But by all means let us know what you’re working on. (Mine is a short story– for which I am deliberately not allowing myself to write an outline or think too much ahead. I’m letting the prompts be my guide.)  Share below in the comments, and when you are ready to reveal let me know there (in comments) then send me your work at






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SUMMER Writing Challenge; Day 1

Beautiful tropical beach with the word summer written on the san


The Summer Writing Challenge is back on ritaLOVEStoWRITE.


For the month of June I will post a writing prompt each day and those of you who wish to play along are encouraged to do something creative with it.


Ideally, since this a WRITING challenge this means you’ll put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and WRITE something. However, should your muse whisper to you  in song, by all means compose a song. If she leads you to paints make a pictures. If your thing is decoupaging miniature bird houses… who am I to judge? Go for it.


The thing is, this challenge is an excuse to do what you’ve been MEANING /WANTING to do but just haven’t found the time to do what with life and all.


Bonus, since you can play along every day, you have the option of exercising your creative skill on a daily basis. Exercise that muscle enough and it will get stronger. I promise you.


Ed Fury

Exercising your creative muscle: retro style. [Ed Fury (Photo credit: The Pie Shops Collection)]

And hopefully the practice of doing something everyday will stick and become a habit (the good kind), and we’ll end the month with a whole bunch of new / renewed dedicated writers, composers, artist and birdhouse makers.


Who’s in?


If you want to share what you’ve created (and you don’t have to share every day) just pop me some feedback or send me an email at  But keep it clean, OK? The kid’s are watching!


Beautiful tropical beach with the word summer written on the san

Today’s Creative Prompt is… SAND.

Do with it what you will.

Cheers, Rita


————————–and YES people really do decoupage miniature birdhouses, would I lie about something like that?…












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