Retarded, Gay and Fat

Reblogging this gem from Texana’s Kitchen.
Texana’s Kitchen

Texana's Kitchen

Several years ago, when my boys were in the 10-14 age range, I fought a long battle with them over “retarded”. Everything and everyone was, apparently, retarded.  My Human Resource Director hat got on my head, and they had to hear about how hurtful it was to say those things, and what if you had a little brother or sister that was challenged and you heard someone saying that…yada yada yada. Finally they quit with the retarded.

At 12-16, everything and everyone in their lives was gay.  And I don’t mean happy.

“Shut up—you’re gay!”

“That’s soooooo gay….”

“Man, you’re such a fag……..”

So, months of redirection and constant reminders ensued.  That it was hurtful, that there really are people who are gay, and that they are lovely people with actual feelings and that by using their nature as an insult, you are being hurtful.  So they finally stopped with…

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