6 Ways WordPress could make my life easier

writting 2

Writing two ways. Some days I write my blog post long hand in CURSIVE! in a notebook. Other days I go direct to the computer. This is a picture of my brand spanking new keyboard. Ain’t she a beauty?

Dearest WordPress,

Thank you for lovely blogging experience (most of the time.) I really do appreciate your hosting my little daily nothings. But I wonder if I might bend your ear a tick and request a few tiny adjustments that would make my life just a bit easier. Perhaps my fellow bloggers could chime in with their own suggestions.

1. Could you possibly put the Add Media, Text Controls, Link Buttons and  Spell Check along the side? Like, maybe add a Formatting menu under “Settings”. Would that be so hard? You could include all the stuff from the top. That way when we lowly bloggers write more than 4″ of text we wouldn’t have to constantly scroll up and down to add a link or put in an image.

Formatting bar

Duplicate the functionality found at the top of the blog in a pop out menu to the left. (Please.)

2. Give us options on the ADS you attach to our blogs. You know in Widgets how there are about 50 options to choose from so we can customize our sidebar? What if you gave us a poll and let us choose, say 10 (or more) out of 100 types of ads that would best speak to our audience. Wouldn’t that be a better selling tool for you when you approached a potential advertiser? See I’m looking out for you too.

3. Make it easier to open a new file through the Dashboard. Experience has taught me that opening a new file by going to the drop down menu under my blog name then clicking on Dashboard / Post / Add New produces the best results with the least amount of grief. However, clicking on Dashboard is a wonky proposal at best. Sometimes nothing happens and I’m left hovering over the Dashboard waiting (im)patiently, or, more often than not, I’m shuffled right back to the  main page.

4. How about a nice Character Style box for those of us who know what we’re doing with text? I wont abuse it, I promise. But it sure would be nice to have some choices on font and size.

I won't even use Comic Sans. I promise.

I won’t even use Comic Sans. I promise.

5. If a person does a weekly article on a certain subject (say… Muffin Monday) would it be possible to have those previous post come up FIRST in the Related Article suggestions? Or how about this… ONE panel for MY related articles …and ANOTHER pull down panel for related articles from other WordPress bloggers! So say some one was writing about, I don’t know, Colin Firth, then one could easily link to all the other articles about Colin Firth one has done in the past… as well as other germane Colin Firth blogs on WordPress.

Just another excuse use this picture of Colin Firth.

Just another excuse use this picture of Colin Firth. [Image courtesy:  hdwpapers.com]

6. What’s a girl gotta do to get selected for FRESHLY PRESSED? You’d think one of my 528 post in the last 14 months would have piqued your interest, but I guess not. Sigh. [And yes I’ve read the FAQ suggestions, thank you very much.]

Anyway… thanks again for hosting the blog.

Cheers, Your friend,



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3 responses to “6 Ways WordPress could make my life easier

  • aearthr

    Totally agreed on no 1. Editing post with all the scrolling is really troublesome. Scrolling within scrolling browser.

  • Lynn Reynolds

    Clever use of the words “Colin Firth” there. I too have that problem where I click on Dashboard and nothing keeps happening. Very weird. I’m not even sure whether ads show up on my blog. I think you have to enable that somehow, don’t you? I guess you could turn the ads off, but probably then WordPress doesn’t show your posts to as many people. Some day you must tell me what specific ad posted the disclaimer in the sidebar 😉

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