Secondary Character Saturday — Matthew Cuthbert

Matthew Cuthbert had never been known to volunteer
information about anything in his whole life.”

Richard Farnsworth played Matthew in the CBC miniseries.

Richard Farnsworth played the ultimate Matthew in the  1985 CBC miniseries of Anne of Green Gables.

WHO:  Matthew Cuthbert

FROM:  Anne of Green Gables

BY: Lucy Maude Montgomery


Matthew is a bachelor farmer who lives at Green Gables with his spinster sister Marilla. They decided to bring an orphan boy on board to help him with chores around the farm. But the orphanage made a mistake and sent Anne instead. He

PROS: Matthew is shy, hard workings, a good listener, loyal, caring, moral, and he thinks about others.

CONS He’s SO shy he’s almost socially paralyzed.  He could stand up to Marilla more.

MOST SHINING MOMENT: He puts aside his extreme shyness and goes into town to buy a dress with puffy sleeves for Anne. It is an incredibly embarrassing experience for him but he does it because he loves her, and he knows it will make her happy.

When Anne comes into his life, he treats her like a rare treasure that he can’t believe he is lucky enough to be around. []

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Click HERE to get to the Project Gutenberg on-line copy of Anne of Green Gables.

Click HERE to get the Kindle version of the Anne Stories (all the stories of $.99).

Or go to you local bookstore or library and get a hardbound paper version and enjoy reading this classic page by lovely page.

English: Cover of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy...

English: Cover of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, published 1908. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Next Month: So…. a while back we were discussing who to “honor” in Secondary Character Saturday and we kept coming up with characters played by Alan Rickman. So the Saturdays in March will feature Alan Rickman Characters! PLEASE send me a thoughts regarding your favorite Rickman characters and why you love/hate them (you know the formula by now.) Cheers, Rita


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5 responses to “Secondary Character Saturday — Matthew Cuthbert

  • the secret keeper

    Love Avonlea from Anne, Matthew & Marilla to Sarah and the whole King family. A real devoted fan. jennifer

    • ritalovestowrite

      Yeah! I love how you can come back to the books and read them with your klds and relive the joys and worries all over again through their eyes.

      • the secret keeper

        I feel like I get to be the kid who never felt those joys when I was a kid so I am able to know. They do transport you to such a wonderful idyllic place. My kids are rather furry & feathery. Do have a nephew that some day I will be able to enjoy sharing stories with. He just turned 5 mos old 3 days ago. It will be some time. I have many of Anne’s books on my kindle and several DVDs of Anne & Sara in Avonlea. I’m not actually sure who I discovered first, Sara or Anne. It probably was Anne but then Marilla seemed unfamiliar to me when I first started watching Avonlea with Aunt Hetty & the King family. Watched them commercial free on Disney before they changed so drastically. Oh the mischief they all got into. Anne & Sara’s generation. Thanks for the memories. jennifer

  • stephinthescreentime

    Love Anne Of Green Gables! I am the biggest fan of the movies. I have read 3 of the books and I love those too. Matthew Cuthbert is such a sweet character.

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