Bonus Thought of the Day…Sandy

–Hurricane Sandy

Sandy pummels the Bahamas. []

There’s an old Irish saying: Sometimes you laugh to keep from crying. Please, keep that in mind in light of my flippant quote about the current weather conditions on the East Coast. I earnestly hope everyone keeps safe, dry and powered-up through this mess.

Hurricane Sandy was born a few weeks ago somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

It brought havoc and death to the Caribbean as it raged through The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Bahamas.  Sandy caused 65 deaths and was a “…disaster of major proportions” according Haitian Prime Minister Larent Lamothe in an interview with the Associated Press.  Crops and houses have been destroyed, bridges have collapsed,  and the Grand Bahamas’ airport suffered major damage.

Now the beast is snarling at the US main land, so people are really starting to take notice.

Sandy is barreling in from the Atlantic, and as of now the bombastic hype that’s been issuing on every weather report, news outlet and social media page for the past week far out weighs the rather gentle rain and soft to moderate wind outside.

I do anticipate an up tick in the weather, and fully expect a power outage, maybe even some flooding.

So, it seems, does every one else. Schools are closed, the Governor has urged everyone to stay home and off the streets — except in the case of an emergency!!! — and of yesterday there was no bottled water, milk or toilet paper on the shelves at the grocery store.

We are expecting high winds (40mph) and coastal waves in the 6-11 foot range. “Making matters even worse, Sandy will hit during a full moon and the astronomical highest tides.” []

At one point yesterday the weather map projected Sandy’s eye to be dead center over my town at 2 pm today, but that has shifted a bit northward.

I find it somewhat alarming how powerfully this storm has blown EVERY other news item off the radar. I suspect there might be something else of importance happening in the World, even if it ISN’T happening here. But for now all eyes are focused on weather gauge.

…Since I started this blog the winds have picked up a bit. So I guess she’s a-coming. Better go do the real blog before the lights go out…

Stay safe every one!


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