Celebrate Good Times, Come ON! 100 post!!!


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WordPress Button Closeup (Photo credit: Titanas)

Instead of my usual Thought of the Day I wanted to share the exciting news that ritaLOVEStoWRITE has hit a milestone.  This is my 100th post on WordPress!

Thank you to all of the readers who have hit the blog 2,700 plus times in the last three months. And especially to my 57 dedicated followers (plus those 300 plus of you on Facebook and Twitter who follow that way.) Your LIKES, feedback and support have made these lonely hours in front of my computer well worth it.

Of course the act of researching, writing, adding the photos and editing the posts  has been its own reward. How else would I have found out about Mata Hari?

So, incase any one asks, here’s what rita WRITES about: 


I was somewhat surprised at how that broke down. While in the trenches of writing the blog I thought it weighed way to heavily on the celebrity and was too light on the cerebral, but actually I had more WRITERS than anyone else.



There was some nice cross over between Movies and Music (in Musical Theatre)…


The bulk of my 100 posts are in the Thought of the Day category, and the MISC. chart gives a who’s who of folks who didn’t fit nicely into Writing, Movies or Music. I liked the cross referencing here too.



The last chart is for post that didn’t appear as a Thought of the Day entry, “Original Non-Fiction.” Hmmm. Well everything on my blog is my original work (except one repost from my friend Lynn Reynolds about Books and How to Sell Them) and so far it has been all non-fiction. So I guess EVERYTHING could be on this chart.

In the future I hope to add some fiction to the site. Would you like that?

Please know that I love to get feedback, but I’m pretty fierce about SPAM. If there is any chance something is SPAM I throw it in the trash. So if I have inadvertently trashed your perfectly legitimate comment, I apologize. It was thrown into my SPAM folder and I probably couldn’t see your website to check. PLEASE write something referring back to “ritaLOVEStoWRITE” in your comment then I’ll know it is the real deal and not some bot trolling for unsuspecting bloggers.

I’ll leave you with a Thought for Today from Australian politician Arthur Calwell who was born on this day in 1896…

“It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.”

Hmmm something to think about as the (American) political season goes super nova.


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Freelance writer, graphic designer, musician, foodie and Jane Austen enthusiast in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. As a writer I enjoy both fiction and non fiction (food, travel and local interest stories.) As an advocate for the ARTS, one of my biggest passions is helping young people find a voice in all the performing arts. To that end it has been my honor to give one-on-one lessons to elementary, middle and high school students in graphic design and music. And as JANE-O I currently serve as the regional coordinator for JASNA Maryland and am working on a Regency/Federal cooking project. View all posts by ritalovestowrite

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