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Day Ten: 12 Days of Christmas PETS

Scanned DocumentToday’s entry for 12 Days of Christmas PETS come from animal lover and friend, Jenny B.

Meet Missy, the Yorkie.


Missy oversees the Christmas decorating efforts of Jenny and her family.


Jenny is in her third semester at the Community College of Baltimore County where she is an Acting major. She loves to read and is musician (both voice and flute — just not at the same time.) Besides her own pets, Jenny has a dog walking and pet sitting service for her neighbors (a service she’s been doing for several years.)  Jenny at a Pennsylvania pet store and can be found either behind the counter or taking care of the furries, the feathereds or the scaled ones.


12 year old Missy likes to sleep and to play with her toys and chew on her bones. She came to live with Jenny’s family 5 years ago because her other family couldn’t keep her.

Jenny and Nan, the cat, on National Hug Your Cat Day.

Jenny and Nan, the cat, on National Hug Your Cat Day.

Here’s a pic of Jenny with another of her pets, Nan, a ten year old boy cat. He’s part Siamese and part American Short Hair and has one blue eye and one green eye. Both of Jenny’s eyes are brown… for the record.



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