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Day One: 12 Days of Christmas Pets

Updated this post with the 12 Days of Christmas Pets logo (thanks Hannah) and another Photoshopped pic of Honey. Hope you like it.Scanned Document

Merry Christmas every one! This year’s Holiday feature is “12 Days of Christmas Pets” and we’ll be featuring a different animal from now until 12th night (Or  until I run out of adorable images.) Last year’s “12 Days of Christmas Stories” was a big success, and I’m hoping this with help spread some Holiday cheer as well.

I  think I’ll start off this year’s fun with a dog who is near and dear to my heart — indeed she is at my feet as I write this. I bring you my  sweet, spirited, cockapoo, Honey.


RITA Honey's Christmas 3

Honey likes to take walks, bark at inanimate objects and sleep. She is blond with very curly hair. And she is an excellent guard cockapoo (just ask the mailman.)

honey 4 painterly

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