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A Year of READING Dangerously: #20 King and King

Cover art of King & King

Cover art of King & King


King & King is a children’s book  written and illustrated by Dutch collaborators, Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland. It was translated to English and saw its first US publication in 2002. On the brightly illustrated pages we find the story of an aging (and grumpy) queen who has ruled many years and wants to retire. Evidently the prince, her only heir needs to get married before he can take over ruling the country, and he has never met a girl who he loved enough to want to marry.


She made up her mind that the prince would marry and become king before the end of the summer. [– King & King]


Even the Royal Kitty gets in on the match making. Soon all the available princesses are assembled at the gate. But no one seems to fit …until the page announces “Princess Madeleine and her brother, Prince Lee.” The two princes take one look at each other and it is love at first sight.

The book has been translated into 8 languages, has spawned a sequel (King & King & Family) and has been made into a play.

The reason the book was banned / challenged: Homosexuality, Unsuited for age  group.

Groups such as Mass Resistance objected to having the book read in school. While Oklahoma limited access to the book (and other books containing homosexual content) to the Adult Section of libraries.


The last image in the book is of the two kings kissing.

The last image in the book is of the two kings kissing.

NOTE: I have a nice hard copy of this book and no little kids to read it to. If you are interested in adding it to your home library send me a message. It is yours for the price of shipping.

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