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Justin Wilson 4.24.13 Thought of the Day

“I GAR-ON-TEE!” -Justin Wilson

[Image courtesy: Smoking Meat Forum]
[Image courtesy: Smoking Meat Forum]

Justin E. Wilson was born on this day in Roseland, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, USA in 1914. Today is the 99th anniversary of his birth.

A storyteller at heart Justin Wilson worked as a safety engineer in south-western Louisiana’s Arcadia region. He found that people paid more attention to his safety lectures when he mixed in stories  of his youth so he began to drawl on the plethora of Cajun folktales he’d heard growing up.

He was so entertaining that he was asked to put out a comedy album of his stories. It sold over a million copies.

Justin was a “Humorist” who found something funny in almost everything. He did not laugh at his Cajun friends, but he laughed with them. His genuine admiration for them shined through in his stage, radio and television and 27 hilarious albums. But Mr. Wilson’s talent was not limited to his ability to tell stories.He composed 10 songs, as well as composing the background music for his world-renowned cooking show and recorded one album of Christmas songs with a jazz band. [Justin Wilson.com]

His passion for Cajun cooking lead to a PBS Television cooking show that was as much about Wilson’sfolksy story telling as it was about what ended up on the plate.

Wilson penned “seven best-selling Cajun cookbooks and two books of humorous Cajun stories” [Ibid] He also wrote music (including the theme song for his cooking show) and did Christmas album backed by a Jazz band.

Wilson died September 5, 2001

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