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A Year of READING Dangerously: #52 The Great Gilly Hopkins

Those of you following along know that this is a COLLECTIVE project where anyone is invited/encouraged to read a book on the ALA’s 100 Most Banned Book List. I’m very happy to report that Maggie has taken up the challenge and has reported back on several books. The first we’ll share here is #52 on the list, The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson.

Gily Hopkins

In it a young girl navigate her way though yet another foster care placement only to get pull out of it when her mother shows up. The book is written from Gilly’s perspective and Maggie says that makes for an interesting read. “It is definitely a good book that sticks with you.  She uses the tool that is her brain for self-destructive purposes instead of constructive purposes. It takes a really long time, but you get to watch as Gilly gradually slowly evolves a moral compass. I think it’s a book that smart kids will identify with.”

Maggie recommends this book for readers aged 11 and above.

Possible reasons that it was banned: Cultural Insensitivity, Racism, Offensive Language, and some Criticism of Religion.

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