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Thought of the Day

Changing things up today … the THOUGHT is not from someone who is having a birthday … It is, instead, from something that has moved me on a personal level. If you know me through Facebook you know my handle is Rita lovestosingknitread. And today my thought is an nod to the SING side of my personality. Every week I get to sing (and play) with some fabulously talented and wonderfully generous musicians. This week I got to sing the Psalm at Mass. It really spoke to me, and I thought I’d share it here…  

O God, send out your Spirit;
renew the face of the earth…

Ev’ry time a person reaching out
is turned away by the racist
prejudicial attitudes of hate,
we are called to break the silence,
sanctioning the shame,
stepping across the lines of this
sometimes unholy game.

–Jesse Manibasan

Jesse Manibasan is a singer/songwriter of contemporary Christian Music. Besides “O God, Send Out Your Spirit,” Manibusan has written “Open My Eyes,” “Come Fish With Me,” and ” Revive Us, O God,”  and many others.

A variety of guitar picks

A variety of guitar picks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You Can find him on You Tube or  at

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