Summer Writing Challenge: Day 15

Beautiful tropical beach with the word summer written on the sanYou made it! You are half way through the Summer Writing Challenge! Huzahh!

Today’s writing / creative prompt is…


Left: TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) connector for iPod...

Left: TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) connector for iPod headphones. Center: TRRS jack for iPhone. Right: the microphone and control button for iPhone, part of the same headset as the center jack. Both products were made by Apple, but third party jacks have the same number of rings (TRRS has an extra one). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About ritalovestowrite

Freelance writer and graphic designer in Northern Baltimore County. As a writer I enjoy both fiction and non fiction (travel and local interest stories.) Most recently my non fiction writing has been featured in Mason-Dixon ARRIVE Magazine. As a graphic designer I focus on cover designs and have done a number of designs for books and magazines. Recently I've entered the e-book cover field. I also enjoy working with community organizations and churches to bring their communications to a higher standard. As an advocate for the ARTS, one of my biggest passions is helping young people find a voice in all the performing arts. To that end it has been my honor to give one on one lessons to middle and high school students in graphic design and music. View all posts by ritalovestowrite

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