Random blog about Baby Boars

I wasn’t going to post today. No one on the birthday list tickled my fancy and I didn’t do any baking… but then I was researching BOARS for a design project and discovered the ultimate cutest creatures in  the animal kingdom… baby boars.


Like their domesticated cousins, baby boars are called piglets. They are usually born into a litter of between four and six siblings (although first litters generally smaller, and some litters can be much larger.) They usually weigh between 1 1/5 and 2 1/4 pound (750 to 1,000 g) at birth.

Mother boars usually have 1 litter a year, with as many as 14 babies. The mother may build a ground nest of sticks and grass, or just scratch together whatever leaves are on the ground nearby.  Her babies live here for 1 week until they are big enough to follow her around. They are born with light brown fur that has white stripes from head to tail.  Mother boars can be very dangerous when protecting their babies; fathers live off by themselves. After about 45 days, the babies can find their own food, but may still stay with the mother. When they are 4 – 6 months old, they turn a cinnamon brown color.  At 1 year old, they are full-grown and have brown or black fur.  Some keep reddish stripes as adults. [Pelotes Island Nature Preserve]



Before you go looking to adopt a baby wild boar keep in mind that they will grow up to be an ADULT wild boar! But until then there’s this…

baby-boarYou are welcome.


wild-boar baby_boar-7742.BabyWildBoarSusscrofa young wild boar boar-baby pup and boar Baby-Wild-Boar


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