Roses Are…

Roses Are

Roses are red, pancakes are flat.

That Maggie can knit, she made me a hat!

I am looking for contributors to my e-book “Roses are…” (a collection of witty riffs on the old Roses are Red, Violets are Blue style poem).

This is purely an intellectual / learning project. I want to see how many contributions we can get (and from how far around the globe.) I also want do a real life project creating the interior of an e-book and the best way to do it to DO IT.

So express yourself…

Keep it clean(ish)…

Keep it fresh…

And send it to me either by replying here (if you wish me to us your WordPress handle) or in a emailing me at (where you can tell me how you’d like to be identified — if at all. Please put “Roses Are” in your SUBJECT line).

If you write a bunch of Roses Are poems I’ll even give you your own Chapter.

Really hoping to get a LOT of contributions from all over the world for this project. So PLEASE spread the word.

DEADLINE is… October 1st, 2013.

Roses are Red, so is your face,
Next time don’t cat call a girl who has mace.

— Maggie Singstomuch

———————————————————————————————- reserves the right to refuse any submission.

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Freelance writer, graphic designer, musician, foodie and Jane Austen enthusiast in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. As a writer I enjoy both fiction and non fiction (food, travel and local interest stories.) As an advocate for the ARTS, one of my biggest passions is helping young people find a voice in all the performing arts. To that end it has been my honor to give one-on-one lessons to elementary, middle and high school students in graphic design and music. And as JANE-O I currently serve as the regional coordinator for JASNA Maryland and am working on a Regency/Federal cooking project. View all posts by ritalovestowrite

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