Holy SPAM Batman!

Dear Readers,

Every day before I start ritaLOVEStoWRITE  I check my spam folder. And every day I say a little prayer of thanks for the invisible minions who have kept the offers of dumpster rentals, sexual encounters,  cheap travel deals and casino bargains off my blog. But yesterday a higher power intervened.

Undeniably consider who sent me this gem…

Holy cow! I hit the jackpot of all spammers with this one.

Holy cow! I say to you... I hit the jackpot of all spammers with this one.

I’m not sure what the Mother of God was doing on the internet, or what she is selling on her blog, but, if her comment is to be believed*  she will likely be at it again, so I can find out later.

I can just imagine her up in heaven typing away on her Powerbook.

Perhaps she’s already influenced other bloggers… like the young man who sent me this missive:


no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of afterward

its up to other people that they will help,

so here it takes place.”

miss Mary mac

Madonna of the Macs.

With all the admonitions on Facebook to LIKE a particular scripture passage to prove my worth as a Christian or to send this or that prayer on to 10 people in the next 30 seconds lest something bad happen me or mine… I guess blogs from the Holy Family are the next logical step in our hyper-modernization of  the religious experience.

But until Jesus, Mary or Joseph really DO write a blog might I suggest that spammers and scammers leave their names out of it?

Because (although I tried to be sarcastic and light here) as a person who already has a special “cloud” connection to the Blessed Virgin I really found the spam highly offensive.

* And this IS Mary if you can’t believe her… who can you believe?

Of course there is a Lego version of Mary (You know my Lego obsession…)

The Holy Family, Lego style

The Holy Family, Lego style [Image Courtesy: Mocpages

OK I made up the Madonna of the Mac mass card, but the Blessed Virgin Spam, the “prayer” and the Lego Holy Family are really out there.


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2 responses to “Holy SPAM Batman!

  • Waywardspirit

    “A special cloud connection” makes me smile. It’s lots more than the Madonna of the Mac idea.
    Waywardspirit requests Rita permission to use: “special cloud connection”, As much and as often as I want to. Without mentioning you every time.
    I love it!
    It goes right along with a C.H.R.I.S.T. OS, and positive relationship apps perspective developing itself around here.
    Thank you.

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