monopoly-cat-iron2-060113-jpg_143448I’m not against cats.


I like cats.

Not as much as I like dogs, maybe, but I do like cats.

I have nothing against them….

Scratch that. I have nothing against the breathing, furry kind of cats that curl up in your lap and let you scratch them behind their ears…the kind who eat catnip.

I’m not so sure about the little metallic guy who just entered the world of board games.

He’s cute enough, I guess. But he doesn’t look like a very stable kind of creature.

Currently the least stable game piece on the Monopoly board is the Scotty Dog.

Monpoly dogFun loving, adorable, excitable…you can’t go two moves with out this little fella falling on his side to roll over and play dead.

But at least you can upend him and sit him on his hind legs for a little more stability. I don’t think that’s an option for Felix.


And when you think of what the Cat is replacing! Well, the instability issue seems even worse.

The IRON, the steady dependable iron, is now cast aside for ms. kitty.

IronMonopolyThe humble Monopoly Iron was always the easiest game piece to manipulate. It never fell over. It came with its own handle for heaven’s sake.

Oh, it may not have been the cutest or most glamorous of game pieces, but it got the job done. It quietly went about the board biding its time, paying its rent, collecting its $200 for passing go.

I don’t know about this CAT. I suspect it will slink about from spot to spot at its leasure…looking for the sunniest  location in which to lounge away the afternoon. It’ll curl up into a nice fuzzy ball and …you know what? That kitty’s not movin’ til it hears the can opener in the kitchen.

Yeah… have fun playing with THAT.




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2 responses to “MoNOTpoly

  • Kecia Adams

    🙂 My REAL cat used to sit right in the middle of the board when my brother and I hosted marathon Monopoly games. He would sprawl there among the Community Chest and Chance cards, commence personal grooming, and mess up all the houses my brother had lined up on Park Place. I was always the thimble. And my mom was always the iron… when we could get her to play.

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