ritaLOVEStoWRITE hits 200

Yeah, I can’t believe it either… but that blog you read yesterday — the one on my hero Robert F. Kennedy — was the 200th blog post for ritaLOVEStoWRITE.

That’s 12,641 views! and 128 faithful followers (THANKS GUYS!!!) — not counting those folks who read it on Facebook.

So…Who was your favorite Thought of the Day birthday profile?

My quest for “world domination” is still on going. On the imaginary the RISK board playing out in my head I still need Guyana and French Guyana in South America; Nicaragua, the Bahamas, and Haiti in Central America/Caribbean; Greenland for North America; Macedonia and Moldova for Europe; and a bunch more in Africa and Asia. (But, hey, I got the island country of Reunion and I didn’t even know where that was*, so I figure I’m ahead of the game.) So if you know any body in one of the gray countries in the map below please ask them to stop by ritaLOVEStoWRITE.com — it’ll really make my day. (Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds.)

So… a couple of things…

1.) NAME CHANGE: I’ve been calling my bioBlogs Thought of the Day with the date and birthday person. I’m changing that to the birthday person’s name, then the date then, Thought of the Day. (So yesterday’s blog would now be “Robert F. Kennedy 11.20.12 Thought of the Day”) Hopefully that will make it easier for people to find the individual blog posts through a search engine.

2.) FEED BACK: PLEASE talk back! I love it when I get a response.  Cross my heart —  I do! But please be aware that the spam filter catches a lot of stuff and if your comment doesn’t specifically reference the blog; if I can’t see a legit web page or blog; or if there’s a hint of anything blue in the content of the comment or your web page name I’ll delete it. Gotta be safe.

3.) NEW!!! Secondary Character Saturday — I’m toying with the idea of dedicating Saturday (or maybe Sunday) to profiling a fictional character instead of an actual person. It wont necessarily be on their birthday. And they likely will not be the main character. WHAT DO YOU THINK?????

4.) If you have a famous (or semi famous) person with a birthday coming up, and you’d like to see them featured in Thought of the Day please submit their name and birth date. I’ll see what I can do.

5.) I’m looking for guest bloggers. Want to be a featured guest blogger and write a birthday bioBlog about some one you admire? Don’t be shy just drop me a line.


I think that’s it from here.  Thanks again for reading along!




* Reunion is off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.



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