Delovely x 1500

I’m feeling the LOVE.

Not quite sure how to say this with out sounding like I’m tooting my own horn, but I sincerely want to THANK every one who has been stopping by ritaLOVEStoWRITE this past month and a half, all 1,500 of you! I hit that benchmark today, and I’m pretty much in shock. I wasn’t really sure if any one would be reading.

I especially wish to thank those of you who FOLLOW the blog to catch my Thought of the Day and other posts, and those of you who have left comments.

A special nod goes to Lynn Reynolds who got me started. Lynn gave me all kinds of advice, ideas and encouragement.

Writing every day has been a great creative outlet and mental exercise. I’ve learned a lot about the people I’ve featured on Thought of the Day …and I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way.

So thanks everybody. Keep reading. Keep “Liking.”  And please consider “Following” along.




PS Please note that I’m pretty vicious when it comes to SPAM. If I it looks remotely like SPAM I’ll delete it. So If you want to write a comment — and I LOVE  getting comments — please mention something specific about the post you are commenting on. (If  I’ve deleted a valid comment accidentally because I thought it was SPAM, I apologize… SPAM happens. Try again, wont you?)


About ritalovestowrite

Freelance writer, graphic designer, musician, foodie and Jane Austen enthusiast in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. As a writer I enjoy both fiction and non fiction (food, travel and local interest stories.) As an advocate for the ARTS, one of my biggest passions is helping young people find a voice in all the performing arts. To that end it has been my honor to give one-on-one lessons to elementary, middle and high school students in graphic design and music. And as JANE-O I currently serve as the regional coordinator for JASNA Maryland and am working on a Regency/Federal cooking project. View all posts by ritalovestowrite

6 responses to “Delovely x 1500

  • Karen Hornig

    Congratulations Rita – I am so happy for you! Reaching 1,500 followers is a great milestone. I so enjoy the blog.

  • ritalovestowrite

    Oh, and full disclosure, I don’t have 1500 followers — oh, my that WOULD be something. I have 1500 hits. Which, for a month and half, is pretty awesome. IMHO

  • J. G. Burdette

    Congrats on 1500!

    Oh, and I follow through Google Reader.

    • ritalovestowrite

      Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions for Thought of the Day please let me know. For example, I know you are US History buff, If you’ve got a favorite US President and know their B-Day let me know and I’ll feature them. Cheers, Rita

      • J. G. Burdette

        I always enjoy reading about Grant, but his birthday isn’t til April. Something a bit more sooner that I’m interested in would be one of the Titanic Deck Officer: Henry Tingle Wilde (Sep.), Herbert Pitman (Nov.), Harold Godfrey Lowe (Nov.), James Paul Moody (Aug.). But I’ll take any history you publish 😀

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